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Martín Verástegui International is a company born with the obsession of making the wines of the Martín Verástegui family reach all corners of the planet, based on our commitment to the land and the vineyard to make great wines.  Martín Verástegui Internacional is a family business of four generations of winemakers that began their activity back in 1920. It has wineries in different Denominations or Mentions of Origin in Spain: Ribera del Duero (Best Wine Region of the World by the New York Wine Enthusiast), Rueda, Cigales, Wines of the Land of Castilla y León and wine harvesters. Martín Verástegui International is represented in more than 20 countries at present. We work every day to position our wines on the front line of the market in the countries where we work.


The Martín Verastegui family is a family of winemakers. Respectful of the environment not only in general terms but in all of the phases involved in the manufacturing of wine. We respect the wine, the people who make and sell as well as the history of wine and the environment, that is why this business is booming because it is a healthy and respectful business.

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