Cherry red wine with orange brown rims. Aromas of ripe black fruits of the forest, toasted, fruit, vanilla and aroma of cappuccino. Round and fleshy with sweet tannins, with notes of caramel, prune and buttery memories.


Variety: 100%  Tempranillo comes from old vines.

Elaboration: Harvest and manual selection, controlled alcoholic fermentation at 28ºC in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels.

Aging: 9 months in French oak barrels and 9 months in American barrels.

Conservation: Keep in a cold place and keep in a horizontal position.

Temperature: Optimal consumption 16 – 18ºC / 60 – 64ºF


This wine is perfect to enjoy a relaxed meal and in good company. Excellent for sausages, barbecue, mature meat and stews. Special food: Grilled ox steak cooked with oak. If you had to nadire it with a fish, it would be tamaría with a cod or a fish with sauce, even a fish with spicy.