Intense golden color, bright and with a very prominent glicero-alcoholic tear. Aroma of dried fruits, honey and flowers. The palate is tasty and sweet.


Variety: Pedro Ximénez, from old vines in glass of the Castilla y León area.

Elaboration: Late harvest and small addition of wine alcohol during fermentation together with natural sugar from the grapes themselves.

Aging: Four years in concrete deposit by oxygenation and oxidation

Conservation: Store in a cool place without light avoiding sudden changes in temperature. As it is not stabilized, some precipitation could be found in the cork or bottle.

Temperature: Optimum moment without defining. Can hold open in perfect conditions, optimum temperature of 5ºC -6ºC.


Recommended as an aperitif, to eat with foie, cheese, or as a dessert with coffee.

Special food: Duck foie or grilled oca with a little olive oil, raisins and reduction of Martín Verástegui PX.